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The Quest For The Perfect Wick

As any candle maker, I think the hardest for us is finding the perfect wick to match the wax and size of a candle. I have spent countless hours testing different wicks with numerous sizes of candles or containers. Testing, testing, testing.... is the key.

When testing, these are the things that needs to be considered:

1. Melt pool

2. Scent throw

3. Wick size

4. Container size

5. fragrance density

Among the different products that I have tried with my wax, I find the ribbon wick to be the best! It is made of flat cotton with braided design , it has a wider flame, excellent scent throw and is a unique option to all other wicks combined.

I am proudly introducing my new container candles series with ribbon wicks design!!! Please enjoy my candles in different fragrances.

Thank you,


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